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Hello guys, writing is something I can do in my sleep. With that said let’s talk about Opening a beauty supply and my small small journey. As you know w we have been open since July 6 of 2020.. people ask all the time how are you surviving? If not for God and the community then we could not.. I thank the city of Moyock and all surrounding areas, they have showed a tremendous love despite all the issues the world is facing. Having your paper work in order is a must.. decide who will do the books! This is a must. Who will do the marketing, don’t sleep on this process. Working for yourself is a full time job. The next bit of info, if your not making money stop spending. Get out and market, market and market some more.


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Slow Traffic

Hey Gang when the business is slow will you give up? People might not show up then what? Like Dori in Nemo keep going. Find out what works and what don’t. See what you need and get a plan. Rome wa

Keep Going

I want to tell you never give up. There will be days where you are tired and feel as though all efforts are futile. Keep going when the tears hurt your eyes. Keep going when friends and family wi

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