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I am back to discuss one of the first things you will need. MONEY, if you don't have any borrow some, get loans maybe use your 401k. For me my husband gave me a loan of 5000 I wanted to start a beauty supply and I did a bit of research that said you can start one anywhere from 500 to 5000. Let me be honest I have already spent that money. you will need a cash wrap, items which include everything from furniture to fixtures. Figure out if you will be using slate wall products or pegging. what will you be selling? will you have a niche? for me I want to focus on alopecia and hair growth.

What will be your everyday supplies such as a pricing gun, register tape. Will you be using a cash register or an iPad? what credit card machine will you go with? No one really tell it like it is but I am. This has been a bit over whelming. I have help some people don't so with that I would say utilize your contacts. talk to professionals, and see if there is a need in your area.

Key point that I will say again is there a need in your area? try and get a partner if you can. Even after you open will you still work to pay the bills? in my shop I am responsible for the lights and the internet. Not a lot but enough if you have no money. Don't sabotage yourself, get help if you need it.

Okay Gang! until net week where beauty is an experience!

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