Opening A Beauty Supply

hello guys, my name is simone and this will be my first time opening a business. why did I choose a beauty supply? I wanted to be my own BOSS, let me say it wasn't easy.

I have always wanted a business I didn't know which one. I was very short on money, I was a manager for at least twenty years, I've been in retail like forever. I was working like most of you a regular 9-5 and then Covid 19 hit.

my employer laid me off she gave me a 20 dollar Walmart card and said she appreciated everything I did but, yes the big but. I was out of a job just like that.

please don't get me wrong, this was not her fault nor mind, things happen and we could not predict this. when I left it was bitter sweet, I mean I loved my job but the flip side I didn't have a job anymore she did.

I started the process like everyone else UNEMPLOYMENT. boy oh boy was that terrible. some of us didn't get a dime while the rest of us was off to the races.(WALMART HERE I COME).

Okay seriously when the GOVERNMENT shut down is over will I still be employed? kinda up in the air. After a few nights of no sleep I started listening back to the minority mindset podcast.

I realized this was a blessing. I began to think about what could I start. so let me began I started with 1000 dollars. now I know for some that's nothing and for others that's a lot.

I found a need here in Moyock where I live, the closest hair place is thirty minutes away, and so is Walmart. there is a dollar tree and a dollar general, but that is a retail store that has everything.

I decided to open. I found a owner that was willing to rent a 1000 square foot space. I was shocked look like everything was falling into place. oops did I mention I had no idea how I would pay the monthly rent. well moving forward I began to buy product. I bought a lot of mine from stores that was folding, keep in mind I didn't need a lot.

the store will open in late June or early July and I will be back next week with more details.


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