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today is June 25th and we have signage for the new building. let’s jump right in, why signage? Having the ability to Advertise to hundreds even thousands Is AWESOME!!! People pass landmarks all the time and what better way than a catchy sign. Who did I do business with? Ambrose signs in Camden. The owner was wonderful. The service was quick, complete and no hassle. From start to finish about two weeks. The owner will work with your budget. why did I choose Ambrose? budget budget and budget again. This was key. In doing my research budget is crucial even more so for me since we are not receiving a loan. We own our fixtures our products is not on term60 and incase you guys don’t know the retail lingo that means having product up front for sixty days then pay or send back. Term 60 is a Good way to test products. Ok back to signage determine your size, but if your like me and don’t know your sizes this company will help. They are also great with advice they will be honest and tell you what you need why you need it. And where to put it. Ok guys until next week KEEP HUSTLING!!!!

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